Roland SP-404 SX

Roland Sp-404SX Pitch-Mod, CV Inputs

Another very interesting option of doing the processor-/pitch mod is installing it on the Roland Sp404-SX.

Changing the processor speed here does not lead to the usually known bitcrushing or aliasing, known from machines that use lower bitrates. Only on the lowest settings some hiss appears.

This mod gives you a very unique way of pitching samples on the fly. The range reaches from ulra low, almost stopping the playback, to higher pitches. Its independent of all other controls and also doesn’t effect the speed of the internal sequencer. But it does change the sound of the internal effects in interesting ways.


  • processor-/pitch mod
  • timer circuit that engages the mod after the boot process
  • on-/off switch for the mod
  • CV-Inputs

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