Korg DDD-1

Korg DDD-1 Drummachine:

The Korg DDD-1 has been one of my first bigger projekts. The complete modification has been developed and built from scratch within a whole year.

Starting point was the idea of doing the well know „processor-pitch“– and „sound chip“-modifications. These mods produce harsh and bitcrushed sounds with heavy aliasing and noise.

Next i build a LPF to sculpt the sound as i desire. I was strung with the idea of modulating both, pitch and filter, so i built a LFO as well as a simple matrix that connects everyhing. I added a trigger-to-cv-generator, as well as the possibility to trigger the „sound chip“ mod. At last i also bent the on board LPF [which is only there to dynamically filter out unwanted noise]. It is now controllable via Knob and Modulation Sources.

I replaced the old display with one that has a bright backlight and finally had to expand the housing to make all the mods fit into the machine.


  • processor-/pitch mod [w.modulation input]
  • Sound Chip Mod + bending matrix
  • LFO
  • triggered connecting of bending points
  • 2x LPF w. resonance & mix
  • Trigger Sensor [ sources : external/internal audio, internal click signal, LFO]
  • Envelope generator for Trigger Pulses
  • Backlight Display

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