ECH 83 Tube Preamp

ECH83 Tube Preamp

this Projekt started with a box full of old tubes that i got from a friend. I did some research on the most interesting ones, finding out that it is possible to build a very nice low voltage tube preamp.

The ECH 83 was originally designed to be used in old car radios. It has one amplifing stage [triode] and a stage that seemst to be used to built the radio recieving circuit [heptode].

I did some experimentation on breadboard to build the circuits that are already commonly used with this tube. For me best worked a combination of preamp stage, tone controls and master volume combined with a handy symmetrical output to use it as a preamp for my bass-guitar.


  • High Impedance Audio-Input
  • Symmetical and Line-Output
  • Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume
  • On-/Off Switch

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